Self-confidence and social stress – not related to psychosensitivity. A VR research

This week Alyssa Jongeneel’s article was published, she researched self-confidence and social stress using virtual environments.

In the research people were exposed to a virtual bar with different levels of social stress. High social stress was created by making the bar extremely crowded and making people in the bar look hostile. In this research both people with high and low sensitivity to psychosis were tested. On the right you can see an image of the virtual world that was used.

We found that people who have less self-confidence react to social stress with more suspicion and tension. A positive self-image reduced the consequences of social stress. This applied to everyone, so regardless of psychosis sensitivity.

Read more about this research on the website of Schizophrenia Research:

Jongeneel A, Pot-kolder R, Counotte J, Gaag M van der, Veling W. Self-esteem moderates affective and psychotic responses to social stress in psychosis: A virtual reality study. Schizophrenia Research; 2018. [link]