Another world – 2 October 2018 oration of Wim Veling

At the same time, 200 people felt the power of Virtual Reality during Wim Veling’s oration as Professor of Psychiatry at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

Within 3 minutes they hung over the edge of the Martinitoren in Groningen #fear of heights, were chased on the street #paranoia, fought a robbery with bad guys #aggression, and swam with dolphins #stressmanagement. All this while just standing in front of their seat in the auditorium of the academy building of the University of Groningen. Thanks to VIEMR.

Wim used the Virtual Reality (VR) film to illustrate the power of VR. In the research of the VR Mental Health lab of the University Centre for Psychiatry at UMCG, VR is used to take people with mental problems to other worlds. Body and mind react to virtual environments as in real life, while at the same time people know that it is not real. This combination gives them the opportunity to practice easily with situations that are difficult because of their psychological complaints. Research shows more and more that VR treatments of psychological problems work well and offer possibilities that traditional treatments cannot offer.

The leading theme of Wim Veling’s research is Psychosis in the social context. He researches the influence of living environment, family, socio-cultural group and society on the onset, course and recovery of psychosis. He develops new ways of diagnosis and treatment, such as Virtual Reality Therapy. The full text of his oration can be read here… (Dutch only)