How VR glasses help with psychological problems – Nieuwsuur

On Thursday (20 February 2020) people walked around with cameras at the UCP (university center for psychiatry) in Groningen. Not because of an exposure exercise, but to film what virtual reality therapy looks like and even better; what effect it can have. Nieuwsuur, a Dutch news program, came by to film a report about VR in healthcare. Maarten Vos (practitioner) and Alexander (client) were central in the filming of the report. Together they showed what a virtual reality treatment looks like and what happens during one. In addition, Alexander talked about his psychosis and what effect virtual reality has had on the recovery of his symptoms. After several hours of filming, talking and the necessary anxiety that comes with standing in front of a camera, the fragment for the report was actually recorded. The men all did their best to provide a bit of de-stigmatization for people with psychotic symptoms/disorders and to promote virtual reality treatment. Meanwhile, the report has been broadcasted on Nieuwsuur on Wednesday, March 4, 2020. Below you can still view the broadcast:

Bron: Nieuwsuur