Virtual Reality for mental health

Virtual Reality (VR) helps people improve their mental health. We are the VR Mental Health research lab of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), which is located in the Netherlands. Since 2014 we have been developing VR applications for psychosis, anxiety, depression, stress, aggression and other psychological problems.

Our goal is that all people with psychological problems can receive effective VR treatments. VR is a way to enter other worlds. The environment is everywhere, you are immersed in a virtual world. It feels like you are there, just real. We investigate whether and how VR treatments work, develop treatment protocols and work on the implementation of VR in Dutch mental health care.

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First Findings On DiSCoVR Published

First findings on DiSCoVR published

This summer, the first findings on DiSCoVR were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research: Mental Health. This article is about…

Virtual Reality Against Depression

Virtual reality against depression

In march 2018 the VRelax pilot study has officialy started at the Psychosis department of the University Medical Centre Groningen. With VRelax…