Grant For VR Voicehearing Intervention

Grant for VR voicehearing intervention

Chris Geraets receives a €300.000 mental health care fellowship from ZonMw. In the coming 5 years she will use this grant to develop a virtual reality therapy…

First Findings On DiSCoVR Published

First findings on DiSCoVR published

This summer, the first findings on DiSCoVR were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research: Mental Health. This article is about the pilot study on DiSCoVR.…

Virtual Reality Against Depression

Virtual reality against depression

In march 2018 the VRelax pilot study has officialy started at the Psychosis department of the University Medical Centre Groningen. With VRelax we research whether VR can…

Another World – 2 October 2018 Oration Of Wim Veling

Another world – 2 October 2018 oration of Wim Veling

At the same time, 200 people felt the power of Virtual Reality during Wim Veling's oration as Professor of Psychiatry at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).…

Experiences With Virtual Reality Aggression Prevention Training (VRAPT)

Experiences with Virtual Reality Aggression Prevention Training (VRAPT)

By Anja den Tuinder, VRAPT trainer in the Pompekliniek It was quite exciting for me to undergo the Virtual Reality Aggression Prevention Training (VRAPT) myself. At the…

Self-confidence And Social Stress – Not Related To Psychosensitivity. A VR Research

Self-confidence and social stress – not related to psychosensitivity. A VR research

This week Alyssa Jongeneel's article was published, she researched self-confidence and social stress using virtual environments. In the research people were exposed to a virtual bar with…

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