Reduce stress with VR

VRelax is a VR relaxation app aimed at reducing stress, sleep problems and anxiety. VRelax offers the possibility to step into a different reality. VRelax contains many different nature environments, including a sunny beach and a magical forest. Some nature environments also contain small gaming elements, such as popping air bubbles under water. VRelax can be used as an addition to treatment of psychological problems and as a tool for prevention and self-management of stress and sleep-related complaints.

What are we doing now?

We started the Relax XL study at the beginning of 2022. During this study, we want to investigate the (cost-) effectiveness of adding VRelax to treatment as usual compared to treatment as usual with relaxation exercises. In total, we want to include 171 participants who are currently undergoing treatment for burnout, anxiety, bipolar, depressive and/or psychotic disorders. As outcome measures, we will look at short-term and long-term changes in psychological symptoms, level of stress, sleep, social functioning, healthcare consumption, and societal costs.

For more information about the Relax XL project, visit our website 



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