With the VR mental health team we develop and test new VR applications. Presently we are perfoming randomized controlled trials for social cognition training and agression prevention. The firtst VR-CBT trials for psychosis and anxiety have been completed. Find out more about the research projects by clicking on the images.

20170907_164934 -VR-CBT - VR based cognitive behavioral therapy aims to increase social participantion and reduce paranoid ideation and anxiety in people with a psychotic disorder or social anxiety.
Untitled -VRAPT - VR agression prevention training enables forensic inpatients to practice with provocing scenario’s in a virtual environment. A large part of the training exists of virtual roleplaying.
Cafe (24) -DiscoVR- is an intervention which aims to improve social cognition in people with psychosis and autism. The training consists of an emotion recognition game, and various types of virtual roleplaying.
dolfijnen -VRelax- is used as support in the treatment of several psychological problems, and also as a tool for prevention and self-management of stress-related complaints.